G3 Realistic Fiction

This year, we have been exploring different ways for students to publish their writing. During a recent G3 'Realistic Fiction' unit, students in 3JSt worked on publishing using Quicktime to produce a voice recording of their story.

They began by developing story ideas in their notebook and then, when ready, they drafted their story on paper. The mini-lessons were directed towards improving their initial drafts by focusing on :
  • developing a character with whom the reader could empathise
  • adding details such as thoughts, actions and dialogue
  • using show not tell to demonstrate character's emotions

Each student selected an excerpt from their story, which they revised and rewrote on a separate sheet. Once they were happy with the content, the writers focused on editing to correct spelling, punctuation and tense.

The decision was made to use Quicktime to record their stories, which they did in 2 distinct ways.
  1. They started by using a Quicktime Audio Recording to practise reading their extracts aloud. When listening back, they checked their volume, pace, expression and pausing and then they tried to improve their weaknesses in their second recording.
  2. They drew a picture to represent the scene they had chosen to work on, which they scanned and emailed to themselves. Once they had opened it, they used Quicktime Screen Recording to create a new screen recording. Here is an example:

For the celebration of this unit, the class gathered on the carpet and enjoyed popcorn whilst listening to each extract.

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