Using Padlet to record reading responses

I recently came across a great use of Padlet to record student responses during Interactive Read Aloud. The Grade 3 tech mentor, Angie Turner, was reading the book, 'Stone Fox' by John Reynolds Gardiner. As in typical read aloud, she stopped at points to share and model her own thinking and also to ask the students to turn and talk or to jot down their thinking.

Often it can be helpful to gather a written snapshot of student thinking during Read Aloud. In the past we have done this by collecting Post-Its from each child which the teacher can review. Angie decided to try this same activity using Padlet. At the end of reading a chapter, she asked a question and students were asked to post their responses onto the Padlet wall. Angie was able to see all the responses on one page and could then sort and assess them. She was able to move them on the screen to group them according to the levels of thinking.

Here is a snapshot of one of the Padlet walls.

This is a great way of gathering thinking during Read Aloud and could also be used to track thinking across a year. 

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