Individualised Spelling Practice

I recently came across an effective process which one of our G3 teachers had set up to help children build spelling consciousness. The process enabled them to set up individualised spelling lists of words they would like to learn to spell. Often this can be difficult to manage in a time effective manner, but this process only takes about 10 mins each morning and 20 mins or so on a Friday. Rather than use preset lists, the student is engaged in the process of deciding which words would be useful for them to learn to spell.Here is the process she uses:

1. Students collect words they wish to focus on in the back of their spelling book. These may come from:

  • Words they come across as they read (post it notes)
  • The errors they, or their teacher, have identified in their writing
  • Words from Language study focus of the week
  • Words from their current Unit of Study
  • High frequency words
  • Words around the classroom

2. On a Friday, they select 10 words to transfer to the left hand column of the Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet. They should cross them out in their spelling book.
This template is good as it combines spelling with handwriting
practice ( using Handwriting without tears lines)

A possible idea here is for the students to type them into the computer and use this to spell check (Pages or Text Edit)  before transferring onto this sheet. You could send a Pages doc something like this via Hapara.

3. Each morning, students are given 10 minutes to Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check their 10 words.

4. On Friday, the students work with a partner to do a 'buddy test' of their 10 words in their spelling book.

5. Then the process begins again with selecting another 10 words.

I can provide copies of these resources if anyone is keen on setting up something similar.

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