Tracking Thinking in Reading

I have recently been working alongside our G5 teachers, trying to develop the level of thinking within reading responses. We started the session by talking about 'Why Post-It our Thinking?'
The students gave great suggestions:

  • "to remember our thoughts"
  • "so we can talk about them later with our partner or book club"
  • "to slow down, pause and force ourselves to think harder"
  • "to show evidence of our thinking/ to make our thinking visible"

We then gave students a menu of possible ways to track thinking and a bookmark which would help them to remember the different ways:

I  modeled examples of how I tried these methods out to track my thinking while reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Each time I read a Post-it, I asked the students to discuss what they thought I was tracking. Here is a Padlet showing my example Post-Its.

As the students went off to read independently, they selected one of these ways to track their thinking and at the end of the reading time, we came back together to share some of their Post-its

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